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Who is Cane Cutter

Cane Cutter specializes in quality outdoor apparel & gear for the promotional products industry. Our passion is offering you great products for decoration and private labeling. We fulfill your orders from our robust inventory housed in 14,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in Ridgeland, MS. Our growing product line includes jackets, vests, and lightweight mesh back camouflage caps. This year we will also announce our newest addition; a twenty-four pack soft-sided cooler.


Discover clothing & gear created by outdoorsmen. Incorporating sixty plus years of combined apparel & advertising specialty experience into each item. Every thoughtful detail crafted from concept to reality. All practical and robust for adventure and ideal for all-day comfort in the field and off. Designed for branding and built for adventure. Begin your journey with Cane Cutter quality outdoor apparel & gear today.

What does Cane Cutter Mean?

Cane Cutter is another name for a variety of the eastern cottontail rabbit and is the largest of it's kind. Also known as a "swamp rabbit" or "marsh rabbit" and formally called "Sylvilagus aquaticus".
Most typically found in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi , but also can be found in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Georgia and Indiana. See more at Wikipedia.

A Company by Any Other Name

We named the company Cane Cutter because this little fella is fast, suited for water and dry land, well camouflaged and can also be as still as a rock. The Cane Cutter rabbit inspires many skills sought in the outdoors. We didn't want to name the company "Sylvilagus Aquaticus" so Cane Cutter suited us. It is also the inspiration for the rabbit symbol found in our logo which we affectionately refer to as "Rascal".

SAGE Supplier 51424
ASI Supplier 42983
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It all Started with a Jacket

We designed our first product to fulfill the demand in the promotional products industry. A high quality jacket suitable for hunting but comfortable for everyday use. Warm, but not too bulky and most important to us was that is was quiet.

We developed the Downwind Jacket
Made from 450 gram bonded fleece, it's warm, soft and silent (like a Cane Cutter rabbit). It features zippered hand pockets and a zippered chest pocket all with YKK zippers to keep all your gear in place. The Downwind Jacket was designed with generous cuts for layering and allowing for full range of motion. It also has adjustable cuffs to keep the cold out and the warm in and features the Blindspot camouflage pattern by Mimicrist.



Then Along Came the Vest

Next we created the companion to the Downwind Jacket which was a vest version we call the Ridgecutter Vest. We used the same great material and features and offered it in Blindspot Camouflage and also in a Oak Brown which will go with almost any camouflage pattern. Now we can offer a full layering system with the jacket and vest and they are cut and designed to do just that.

The Ridgecutter Vest features full-zip front with a collar zipper garage to lock in warmth and comfort. Keep your important items handy and secure with large YKK zippered hand pockets. The zippered right chest pocket is designed with breathable interior to keep any delicate gear ventilated and perfect for fast access to a cell phone or similar devices. Designed with generous sizing for layering and allowing for freedom of movement.

We Topped it Off with a Hat

We can never have enough hats and that was our thought behind the Ridgetop Meshback Camo Cap. We wanted to create a camouflage cap that was lightweight, cool and looked great. We developed the Ridgetop Meshback Camo cap that is made of cool and lightwieght polyester, has a moisture wicking sweatband and comes in both Blindpost and Karma camouflage patterns by Mimicrist. These camo caps are awesome for everyday wear or while in the field. The patterns offer accessibility to different seasons and look & feel great for everyday use.

24 Pack Cane Cooler

There's More to Come

We're currently working on more products to meet your outdoor apparel and gear needs that look and work great while being useful and relevant for your everyday outdoor activities.

A little preview of our next products is this 24 pack soft-sided cooler. Complete with a large exterior zippered pocket and a leak proof rubber liner inside. Fully insulated to keep items cold or warm. Also features expandable straps, this cooler will hold 24 cans/bottles of your favorite beverage and the ice to keep it cool.

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ASI 42983
UPIC 31145322

Promotional Products

If you'd like to have your company logo on Downwind Jackets, Ridgecutter Vests, or Ridgetop Meshback Camo Caps please contact your promotional products supplier and refer them to Cane Cutter's promotional products site here at and/or mention our supplier numbers: SAGE 51424 or ASI 42983.



Designed for Branding. Built for Adventure.

Begin your journey with Cane Cutter quality outdoor apparel & gear today.

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